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Imagine With Us

The CIS Incubator provides the industry with an opportunity to create something completely new. These projects begin like most: from conversations and design sessions to testing hypotheses, prototyping and beyond. We are proud to share our first two projects: Basecamp and RegenerVentionOur hope is that these initiatives evolve into their own entities to contribute to a healthier world. 


An Early-Stage Investment Vehicle For 
Large-Scale Development Projects

Basecamp offers project developers a new way to launch their projects by circumventing the current and outdated approach to development. The current approach favors single-issue problems as if they weren’t all related: housing, food production, carbon sequestration, youth empowerment, etc.


The reality is that these issues co-exist interdependently, and their solutions, therefore, must have a long-term and integrated approach. 


Fortunately, the investment community is beginning to recognize the limitations of our current project financing regimes and the need for financial vehicles that can support projects with integrated solutions. 


Basecamp is one of these such financial investment innovations by introducing the tangibility of infrastructure at the earliest stages of a project. This physical presence accelerates the impact of local ingenuity during project preparation and pre-design - a key element to long-term project success, and a necessary element to ensure investment returns. 


Basecamp reduces financial risk for funders. By the time funders are invited to support the project, a locally-designed prototype has already been endorsed by global construction companies who have agreed to “front” its materials and installation. 


Think of Basecamp as a two-sided marketplace. On one side exist project developers in need of a jump start, and on the other, construction company CSRs searching for greater impact opportunity and new markets for their operations. 


Basecamp is both a physical structure and process designed to respond to accelerate transformation in the built environment. 

We have ongoing Basecamp projects in Madagascar, Venezuela, Jordan and India. All are ready for funding support. 

Projects: Welcome


A Regenerative Intervention For All Homes

The home construction and remodeling industry has been under scrutiny for decades.

"Messy, noisy, expensive, disruptive and inefficient" are the industry's most common critiques. 

In addition, each project causes overwhelming stress on workers, local communities and natural resources. 

Fortunately, improvements have been made through new building technologies and standards that mitigate some of this stress on the environment, budget and timeline.


 However, the focus still remains to be on the final product rather than the process of a project.  


 It's still race to completion with almost no consideration for the daily impact on our collective health: the workers, clients, and surrounding community.

CIS is prototyping an intervention that pays more attention to health on a construction project. 

We've begun work on our first home and are eager to share our experience with the public. 

Stay tuned!

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