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"Stir-Up" The Industry With Us

Construction isn't just for hammer-swinging trade folk. Construction knowledge must be shared and innovated upon by all of us. CIS has designed offerings specifically for each of our four client segments to celebrate the potential of the building trades and improve the industry's impact on the planet and its people. 

Construction CSR

 Construction Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandates help infrastructure companies distribute resources to local communities around the world. But as CSR missions become bolder to meet new metrics such as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), their need to find larger-scale impact projects becomes greater. CIS oversees a portfolio of these such projects and offers  facilitation for your engagement in a way that's good for the community AND your bottom line.  


When you think of construction education for kids, what comes to mind? Is it making a birdhouse in wood shop class? Educators and administrators are beginning to recognize the importance of construction education as a life skill for their students.  We design construction education curriculum for the next generation of regenerative builders. We don't do birdhouses, but we might be interested if students want to design them with solar panels and a heat pump. 


The number one need for our industry is workforce development. But what does a good workforce development program really achieve? A certificate and introduction to employers is helpful, but it often doesn't result in longterm impact for anyone beyond the student's immediate circle. Imagine an integrated workforce development program that creates new markets, repairs dilapidated infrastructure, and contributes to local food, energy and well-being abundance

Tech Startups

Tech startup entrepreneurship in construction brings a powerful set of resources to solve industry challenges. We advise ConTech and PropTech companies on the best ways to leverage the collective knowledge of the traditional building trades to guide their company's supply strategy. We understand both the traditional trades and the venture-backed startup mentality, and are therefore certain when  elegantly aligned together, these two worlds will benefit deeply from each other.

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