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Center for Infrastructure and Society (CIS) is dedicated to pushing the construction industry beyond its own barriers. The drive to build faster and cheaper is not a solution to the world’s built environment problems. We bring together construction industry resources to ensure a regenerative future for our planet. We are builders, designers, educators, planners and artists.


A Message From Founder and Executive Director, Adam Sgrenci

Though it's still early days for CIS - after launching in early 2019 - we've come a very long way. It's hard to say exactly how we've done this so quickly. Our reach has gone from local to global seemingly overnight. Today we are collaborating with schools, nonprofits, agricultural centers, tech startups, brick-and-mortar builders and construction CSRs. Perhaps it was just the right timing for against-the-grain ideas. 

As a forever student, I have learned so much from CIS's initial collaborators, consultants and team members. Thank you all for taking this leap of faith with me. As Peter would tell us, "Onward and Awkward!"

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Andrew Paden, Environmental Design

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Asma Boutrik, Urban Design and Planning

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Blake Porter, Construction Management

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Hank Gatlin,

Senior Advisor 

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Hildemir Chacin, Workforce Development

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Michael Ajayi, 

Social Entrepreneurship

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Nathan Gray, Artivism and Skateparks

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Parker Sloan, Building Materials

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Coughlan color portrait.jpg

Peter Coughlan, Systems Design

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Prem Bajaj, Clean Tech

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Richard Hofmeister, Regenerative Architecture

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Sanjil Karki, Energy Optimization

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Vishal Bajaj, Data Analytics

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       Our Deepest Thanks To The Organizations We Work With!


Abacus Nigeria - modular housing builder (Nigeria)

Alaap - Indian afforestation organization (India)

ASE PPP - rural development organization (Madagascar)

Build It Green - education center for green and regenerative building (USA)

Buildxact - Construction management software (North America, UK, Australia)

Crews By Core - Construction talent acquisition and project management software platform (USA)

Demystifying Silicon Valley - startup business school (USA)

Enactus - global university network for social entrepreneurship and experiential learning (Global)

Future Value C0 - Social Investment Project Developer (Global)

Global Regeneration Co-Lab - online network for regeneration practitioners (Global)

Hasten - incubator of regenerative development projects (USA)

Home Preservation Services - market leader in home maintenance services (USA)

IWSH - global foundation for water sanitation and hygiene projects (Ireland)

Mountain Association - legacy community development organization (USA)

MT Copeland- online construction education startup (USA)

The Mushroom Farm - pioneer in regenerative farming and agricultural development (USA)

nRhythm - organizational transformation agency  (USA)

Paradoxa Agency - marketing agency (Korea)

Samata Foundation - community organization serving Dalit and underserved (Nepal)

Schneider Electric Access To Energy Program - global leader in energy distribution (France)

School for Independent Learners - one-on-one high school (USA)

Scottsdale Construction Systems - cold formed steel manufacturer (New Zealand)

Sinal Do Vale - regeneration hub and learning center (Brazil)

Zonda - national leader in real estate and construction media  (USA)

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